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As Juhan writes, "Some of the most tangible and troublesome features of age itself are simply conditions of muscular activity, activities that bow the posture and rigidify the joints, that collapse the chest cavity, that put the squeeze on peripheral circulation, that create all kinds of limitations to movement and that waste precious vitality.
When formalised into the structures of state-based representation, such a group-based microcosm or symbolic representation can rigidify what are actually very fluid identities; it can lead to attempts to represent us on the basis of one aspect of our identities only; and it raises the serious question of whether the recognition of differences of identity thus formulated involves relinquishing the pursuit of any common perception of the justice of political structures.
Morita, one of the leading analysts of immigration in Japan, argues that the demand for immigrant workers is structural, not cyclical, and the inflow of foreign workers will further rigidify the already segmented labor market, thereby increasing demand for foreign workers.
6) The end result is that otherwise healthy differences of opinion rigidify into intellectual fundamentalisms and, at that point, attempts at communication aimed toward understanding stop and ad hominem attacks become commonplace.
If, as it seems, the threats to the planet already enumerated require a form of rationing, is it acceptable that this rationing rigidify the already unbearable hierarchies of the modern world?
Then spirited masking can rigidify into attitudinizing, or self-caricature, or the reifications of pose, reflex, cliche.
The standard reply to this objection about colour is to rigidify the relevant dispositions, anchoring them to the perceptual capacities of the normal observers of the actual world, not those of the possible world in question.
3) Similarly, in Africa, ethnic identity was regularized and manipulated to invent or at least rigidify tribal boundaries and divisions.
He has misnamed himself so crudely that his interiorization of the metaphoric name will tend to rigidify his intercourse with himself and the world.
Therefore, this aggressively desiring eye is likely to reify and rigidify the world, to make it into what Lacan elsewhere calls a statue.
And if the system is in need of fundamental changes, more bureaucracy will only rigidify existing parameters and make professionally directed reform even more difficult.
Rainer Wieland (EPP, Germany) explains to Europolitics that some colleagues in his group fear that compulsory roll call votes at committee level might rigidify their position.