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In some cases, this rigidifying of a traditional role has contributed to a rigidifying of the political culture generally.
Jones's reductive position that "reified thinking" prevented Toomer from recognizing the "reality" of his racial position and social responsibility will no doubt suit many readers, but it ignores the extent to which "amalgamation" was a live issue in Toomer's day (Franz Boas actually advocating it, many NAACP officers expecting it in the long term) and rather too easily dismisses Toomer's critique of the rigidifying racial binarism of American ideology.
And so I remain mesmerized by Barney's Houdinilike escape from the rigidifying determinations of sexual difference.
Or he might try to construct an a priori and non-trivial equation for squareness directly by rigidifying doubly, not only in the familiar way on the nature of the suitable subjects, but also on the conditions that are standard for the appraisal of shape.
But then he reflects more specifically on the implications of "cultural studies," worrying lest the approaching "hegemony" of this single approach imply the rigidifying of English departments.
In both cases, however, it may be felt that the strategy of rigidifying the relevant dispositional facts does not go to the heart of the objection.
However, the crystalline lamellae play the role of rigidifying elements for the polymer.
Never have we precisely stated the world that would have occurred, only that it would not have had Wilson rigidifying.
as something like 'All, if the number of individuals [greater tan or equal to] dthat(n), otherwise at least one', where 'dthat' is the rigidifying functor of Kaplan (1979).
His first bestseller, The Innocents Abroad, is marred by rigidifying dichotomies.