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The one-child policy in China has gone through three phases as regards the rigidness of its implementation.
Burgess having already completed his football eligibility, and having paid some $42,000 in tuition, the college can perhaps afford to stand on the rigidness of its rules.
The guidelines in this sense are strict, but this rigidness ends when it comes to what kinds of businesses are acceptable.
Gender role conflict is defined as a psychological state in which socialized gender roles have negative consequences on others and the self and occurs when restrictive and sexist gender roles result in personal rigidness, devaluation, or even violation of the self or others (O'Neil, Helms, Gable, David, & Wrightsman, 1986).
However, the rigidness of the system means that housing agency Whitefriars will only accommodate the family in a three-bedroom ground-floor property with no internal stairs.
The party activists, which are mostly the youth have expressed serious reservations over the matter and have vowed that such conservative elements would not be let impose their rigidness over the party, as the PTI is a revolutionary party.
Chidambaram has said the army's rigidness against any dilution or amendment to the controversial Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), is making it difficult for the government to move forward on this proposal.
The rigidness of management, rejection of change, and failure to adhere to financial indicators over many years placed GM in a position that was unsustainable and affected current employees and retirees alike.
The most plausible explanation for this result, other than observational error, is that these particular specimens were maturing the last batch of eggs to be spawned that season (last spawn) and the ovary at this point had lost its rigidness and, therefore, looked as though it was in the S stage.
He said that Islam is wasati in the administration and organization of society, not too rigid nor too soft, rigid in places that require rigidness and soft in places that require softness.
This rigidness of relying on market-price benchmarks is the ALS's root of strength; consequently, it fails when it cannot be easily observed.
Through a combination of fear and intimidation, the far right of the Republican Party is today enforcing ideological rigidness in its purest and most uncompromising form, where even the slightest variation from the norm is reason for expulsion and exclusion.