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INFANTICIDE, med. juris. The murder of a new born infant, Dalloz, Dict. Homicide, Sec. 4; Code Penal, 300. There is a difference between this offence and those known by the name of prolicide, (q.v.) and foeticide. (q.v.)
     2. To commit infanticide the child must be wholly born; it is not. Sufficient that it was born so far as the head and breathed, if it died before it was wholly born. 5 Carr. & Payn. 329; 24 Eng. C. L. Rep. 344; S. C. 6 Carr: & Payn. 349; S. C. 25 Eng. C. L. Rep. 433.
     3. When this crime is to be proved from circumstances, it is proper to consider whether the child had attained that size and maturity by which it would have been enabled to maintain an independent existence; whether it was born alive; and, if born alive, by what means it came to its death. 1 Beck's Med. Jur. 331 to 428, where these several questions are learnedly considered. See also 1 Briand, Med Leg. prem. part. c. 8 Cooper's Med. Jur. h.t. Vide Ryan's Med. Jur. 137; Med. Jur. 145, 194; Dr. Cummin's Proof of Infanticide considered Lecieux, Considerations Medico-legales sur l'Infanticide; Duvergie, Medicine Legale, art. Infanticide.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Since the rate of rigor mortis is positively correlated with the content of cortisol and lactate as indicators of stress (Warriss et al., 2003b), a greater degree of rigor mortis after longer lairage indicated a more stressful procedure.
There is an entire scientific dissertation about the effects of myosins and enzymes, but at its most basic, rigor mortis is the contraction of muscle groups that occurs soon after death.
It's hard to be brooding, sensitive and attractive to teenage girls, who ought to know better, in the vampire-nouveau kind of way when you are a couple of days on the wrong side of rigor mortis. That sort of dead flesh just isn't salable to teenagers, even though they buy just about anything.
Rigor mortis occurs because oxygen is no longer entering the cells for respiration.
"He (Narasimha Rao) was the one who was responsible for what happened in the Babri Masjid, he proved that death is not a necessary pre-condition for rigor mortis to set in.
This odorous secondhand garment tattered and ragged, dipped in blood, drenched in brethren's woes and rigor mortis. This, we wear as freedom, as if real this independence, as if evidence of redemptive parity, as if born of battles of hearts and minds won.
Just a little bit of rigor mortis but I think I've shaken it off now."
He proved that death is not a necessary precondition for rigor mortis to set in," Aiyar said.
All this said, rigor mortis has not befallen the labour movement.
Their writhing onstage in progressive states of rigor mortis after they supposedly take arsenic elicited guffaws from the audience during "A double dose of poison" ("Si mora, si, si Mora").
The retired Welsh fighter, has been compared by Strictly judge Craig Revel Horwood to rigor mortis and told he has no rhythm.