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Since the rate of rigor mortis is positively correlated with the content of cortisol and lactate as indicators of stress (Warriss et al.
There are ways to deal with tough meat, but you can't eat a rancid steak, so forget about rigor mortis and get that animal quartered and, if necessary, expose or remove the largest bones.
A caracterizacao do processo de rigor mortis de carcacas de jacare-do-pantanal ainda nao foi bem definida nas condicoes brasileiras (controle de temperatura, pH e maciez durante o processo de abate), tendo como modelo as observacoes realizadas em suinos (PINHEIRO et al.
Rigor mortis occurs because oxygen is no longer entering the cells for respiration.
The retired Welsh fighter, has been compared by Strictly judge Craig Revel Horwood to rigor mortis and told he has no rhythm.
The headwinds of rising unemployment, debt reduction and banks repairing their balance sheets seem likely to keep any such recovery weak, but anaemia is better than rigor mortis.
Cuddly Rigor Mortis: Kristin Tercek makes gruesome movie monsters adorable and irresistible with her line of high-quality, handmade plushies, Cuddly Rigor Mortis.
and "I wonder if you guys use rigor mortis in what you do?
Many animal fossils appear in a head-thrown-back position called the "dead-bird" pose, which paleontologists traditionally attribute to rigor mortis, desiccation of the carcass, or the shifting of bones by water currents.
Bernard, especially when shopping for china, is meddling with the gods and may lead to premature graying if not directly to rigor mortis.