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However, even the rigorist Iavorskyi made a small concession to the fact that Petrine Russia was a multireligious polity.
Burson seems to assume that the reader is already familiar with the main, rather rigorist, views of Jansenism.
It is the philosophical basis of economic liberalism and of the individualistic civilisation of happiness, a civilisation that refuses sacrificial ideals and the authoritarian, disciplinary, rigorist imperatives dominant in earlier societies.
Searching for his public identity, he violently experienced, after a severe illness, a spiritual conversion of a clear borderline character, that procured him some fame among the stearn defensors of a rigorist interpretation of the Reformed creed.
Whether it was the pneumatic Monantists or the rigorist Donatists, the hierarchical Church attempted to hold them in check.
In his terms, the real is linked to the rigorist ethical (visible) category, of the choice placed under the imperative of some already compelled freedom, formal and abstract, whereas life is part of the metaphysical category, whose freedom breathes in the unseen Good that precedes the act of its choice: "There where there is Good and Evil, the real exists, ethics exists; the punishment consists exclusively in the man's banishment from the metaphysical category, that of the real life, in the land of the ethical category, that of the real".
50) Tertullian's increasingly rigorist stance, however, is neither a necessary outcome of the position of the apostolic Church nor a reflection of the New Testament's ethical teaching.
Heir to the rigorist tradition of Tertullian and Cyprian, the Donatists argued that the church should be a holy body and that the traditores, those who, under threat of persecution, handed over the Scriptures to the Roman authorities to be burned, should be excluded at least from the clergy if not from the church itself.
Hopkins had detected in "Tristitia," part 6 of this poem, the expression of a scruple prompted by a rigorist interpretation of self-denial to which Newman's sermon could lead.
In response to the rigorist and minimalist Protopiro, his opponent Didascolo advocated Piranesi's belief in the creative license of the designer--'the crazy liberty of following his own caprice' as triumphantly demonstrated in the works of Borromini and Bernini.
While theoretically Catholicism forbids the direct taking of innocent life at any stage of life, the most rigorist sanctions are applied to taking unborn life, while there are no sanctions applied to killing non-combatants in war, selling toxic waste to farmers as fertilizer that cause people to sicken and die, favoring military spending over social welfare spending that is impoverishing the majority of the world's population and any number of other actions which have the consequences of unjust and untimely death.
but the richness of Calderon's critique lies in the portrayal of the exculpation of a moral rigorist by a moral laxist [.