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Accountability Court-II, Peshawar, on Tuesday while announcing its verdict on references filed by NAB KP province awarded nine years rigorous imprisonment and a fine of Rs.
This analysis identifies six problems with the the popular terms "rigorous academic curriculum" and "academic rigor": they bear multiple meanings, they contain negative connotations, they are survivals from the discredited learning theory called mental discipline, they have more to do with status than substance, they refer to an over-narrow conception of curriculum, and they are imprecise--that is, by definition, the term "rigorous academic curriculum" is not an academically rigorous term.
I was doing 360 kickflips over fire hydrants for rigorous training, so that when I get on stage I will have perfect symmetry and my whole approach to the whole stage persona there.
The plan also calls for rigorous testing for all new teachers and will reward teachers for excellence, including pay based on student achievement strides.
Our initial Benchmark Partners have employed the BDTI Benchmarks for multiple generations of processors, demonstrating their willingness to provide rigorous, independently certified performance data to their customers and the industry.
agencies with rigorous comments that can help us think through the remaining issues and, possibly, simplify an admittedly complex framework.
Consequently, sincere commitments to improve education and educational opportunities for children are mired in incorrect knowledge, opinion, bias, ideology and tradition--all the things that modern science is supposed to dispel through careful and rigorous investigation.
Even more worrisome is the fact that these achievement levels on NAEP are considerably lower than would be expected from students who are taking rigorous academic classes.
The lack of proactive efforts to get students into a rigorous curriculum and support them once there can be a huge barrier to being successful in an increasingly demanding workplace (Schneider & Stevenson, 1999).
What is the exam content, what will it measure, and how difficult is a rigorous credential examination?
Upon completion of this rigorous and extended educational process (group study or self-study), AICPA members can earn a "Fellow" certificate, a nationally recognized educational status.
Unlike the humanists of Florence who engaged in subtle intellectualisms and unsystematic philological enterprises, those of Venice, as exemplified by Barbaro, pursued concrete matters and rigorous philological endeavors, seeking at all times to harmonize the moral with the scientific.