rigorous proof

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While this reader was hoping for a more rigorous proof of the connection between worker and public well-being, Zuberi's book nevertheless makes an argument we cannot afford to ignore.
TechnologyOne was then chosen to go through a very rigorous proof of concept stage before winning the contract.
Following comprehensive testing during a rigorous Proof of Concept, CNP Assurances has chosen the Invoke regulatory reporting solution to meet the extensive Pillar 3 obligations of Solvency II.
Chambers says that trend toward moderation in damages is likely to continue because federal courts have been requiring more rigorous proof to award damages since 2010.
In Section 4 we give a rigorous proof that this interactive proof system is zero-knowledge.
In How the World was One, Clarke includes a brief biography of Oliver Heaviside and admits the fact that he evolved a rigorous proof of the famous relationship, E=m[c.
While some might argue that this is not rigorous proof of the long-term ineffectiveness of anti-psychotics, the burden of proof really should be on those claiming effectiveness, especially given the evidence that anti-psychotics are doing serious long-term harm.
At the same time, the new work is raising unsettling questions about how to regard experimental results in a discipline for which rigorous proof is the gold standard.
Most of the statements I've seen don't constitute rigorous proof.
Lloyds TSB boss Peter Ellwood told the committee one way to get more people to open a bank account was to require less rigorous proof of identity.
This note explains a rigorous proof that shows how the difference between the price of a bond and its face value are directly linked to the difference between the bond's coupon rate and its yield to maturity.