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27) If this worked, if children whose parents received the program had lower levels of aggression and other social problems when compared to a control group, we could gradually expand the program, rigorously evaluating its effects each step of the way.
Continued improvement of the ObjectAda product in support of the Ravenscar profile demonstrates Aonix's commitment to support complex and rigorously stressed mission-critical systems with standard software development platforms," noted Gary Cato, Aonix Director of Strategic Alliances.
As a result we plan to rigorously enforce the Alcohol Free Zone
2 for Violin and Piano, subtitled ``Quasi una sonata,'' cleverly combined tonal and atonal elements in an astringent work of staccato attacks and long pauses, played rigorously by Kremer and Zlabys.
This idea had never been rigorously tested," says James Lawrey of George Mason University in Fairfax, Va.
Built from high-performance system components, it is rigorously tested for production use, and deployed in scalable configurations that include systems with hundreds of processors.
However, the quantum mechanical models that relate these measurements to molecular structure have not been rigorously tested.
Rossi's usual austerity (either blank walls or masonry planes penetrated by the most rigorously regular grid of rectangular windows) is set off by what -- for him -- were joky incidents: red tops to the towers and other passages of intense colour.
The SIEM integration with Third Brigade Deep Security is then fully and rigorously tested, to provide interoperability assurance to the client enterprise.
Szlyk and her colleagues "more rigorously pursued" a strategy for strengthening people's peripheral vision than previous rehabilitation attempts have, says Spalter.
Based on the outcome of this re-evaluation, the form the Hitachi Group should take will be defined, business strategies will be rigorously reviewed and operations will be resolutely reorganized.
Sink or Swim, 1999-2000, as the overall piece is titled, distantly recalls David Hockney's celebrated meditations on the West Coast culture of forge tting, and perhaps also on art as wish-fulfillment, yet the British painter's luxurious aestheticism returns here in a rigorously pared-down and systematized form that insistently bespeaks the Conceptual thrust of Kidon's CalArts education.