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* DRIVEN MAD: Doctors want smoking banned behind the wheel (left), but the law on drivers using mobile phones isn't enforced rigorously enough
This is rigorously enforced on match-days near to the football ground and breaches will result in seizure and can lead to arrest for failing to comply.
He added: "ASBOs work where they are properly managed and where breaches are rigorously dealt with by the courts.
Ghosttown was a rigorously attenuated enactment of surface, one that produced a particular political space quite unlike that which we arrive at through digging deeper.
How do you find time to train so rigorously and be a student?
A handsome and rigorously thought-through tool, it was also a work of mobile architecture, scaled to fit the streets it ran through nimbly and economically.
If we were to delve into their role in the philosophy of al-Kindi--which is not what we are doing here--we could then grasp more rigorously the specificity of his oeuvre.
Now, thanks to a data trove collected by a satellite called Gravity Probe B, scientists are poised to test Einstein's theory more rigorously than ever before.
Not only are there various sorts of referees and umpires who police and adjudicate during play but there are special panels, commissions, agencies, and corporations that rigorously maintain and vigilantly enforce a precise set of standards affecting owners, players, and others.
Many critical clinical problems have not been rigorously researched.
But police remain confident in the pounds 2750 gun, saying it's been "rigorously tested
The material used in the SLA process is Huntsman SL7540 which creates parts that can be tested rigorously, while maintaining the integrity of the part.