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And so, while it might be progressive politics to map this ecology as rigorously as possible and give names and credit to everyone involved, it is sometimes pragmatic to draw the line sharply and claim sole authorship.
Models describing the relation between rf power and ion energy have been developed, but they often involve simplifying assumptions that have never been rigorously tested.
David Kastan's collection of essays, Shakespeare after Theory, embraces the conceptual gains of New Historicism (such as the problematization of the idea of "context" as opposed to "text") while wishing to supplant it with a "more rigorously historical" (31) focus on the materiality of the Shakespearean text, a "physical artifact" and an "imaginative construction" (38) that is a product of collaboration and therefore of multiple, and even conflicting intentions.
Lately, however, Moricone has begun to structure his work in a rigorously geometrical style.
The author rigorously traces the precept of inferiority from its inception at the nation's beginning, right down to the 1960s when the precept guided almost every effort "to deny or hinder African Americans' equal access to the ballot box.
We need to 1) make a long-term national investment in research and development, 2) have a coherent and coordinated Federal strategy for studying violence, 3) implement a comprehensive and inclusive violence research agenda, and 4) institute a program of rigorously evaluated interventions to reduce violence.
For systems not requiring formal certification, ObjectAda Real-Time Raven provides the assurance that the Ada runtime used in resource-constrained systems has been rigorously proven and tested.
In the last two weeks, officers and Police Community Support Officers have been rigorously enforcing the zone and have seized booze worth more than pounds 200.
Collections disseminating the various epochs of Andalucia, from prehistory through Moorish times to the present day, are housed in a Miesian slab and podium arrangement with rigorously symmetrical service cores.
Although not one of those artists who makes the medium an end in itself, neither does Codesal simply dabble; instead, he uses his various media rigorously, displaying wide technical and, as it were, grammatical knowledge.
Other studies in this area haven't been so rigorously designed.
Border Patrol, said its been several years since such tactics have been employed so rigorously this far from the border.