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And at Hillsborough, the scene of English football's darkest hour 23 years ago, an incident has now occurred which raises serious questions over the safety of professional sportsmen and women, and the rigorousness of football banning orders.
All too often the results have been viewed with a considerable degree of suspicion, as to the rigorousness and independence of the method and the reliability of the results as a real measure of service standards.
I spoke to my friend Allison who did the Gerson Therapy 25 years ago, who described the rigorousness of the Therapy.
Colorado's JPE program considers such criteria as courtroom demeanor, efficiency on the bench, and rigorousness of appellate decisions.
120) Others, argue that nowadays taqlid has become an inevitable process simply because of the rigorousness of ijtihad qualification, which makes it very difficult for a person to fulfill all of them.
Most studies following this paradigm have as a goal to introduce in Translation Studies the rigorousness and objectivity brought by empirical methodologies, mostly borrowed and adapted from the fields of psychology, psycholinguistics and cognitive psychology (Halverson, 2009).
And despite its honesty and rigorousness, the ambiance of the film is bright, a direct upshot of the startling fact that it's Dardennes' first picture shot in summer.
A second concern relates to the rigorousness of the FWO's engagement with certain non-state actors, such as unions.
Mr Hutton highlighted a lack of consistency in the rigorousness of checks in different courts and said there was not a uniform, thorough approach.
Yale Law School's reputation for rigorousness is well earned: It has turned out seven Supreme Court Justices, including three of the nine currently on the Court--Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Sonia Sotomayor.
Kirklees may meet national standards when it comes to inspecting the roads, but it leaves a question mark over the rigorousness of these standards.
Science, the discipline that had played such a large role in the fragmentation of knowledge, would, by its own standards of rigorousness, be the means by which it was again unified.