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Edward O''Grady: Rigour Back Bob won Tara Hurdle Starring role: Oscars Well finished an impressive winner of the Grade 1 Navan Novice Hurdle
The former question had academic rigour whereas the later is a woolly, touchy-feely question with very little academic rigour.
Rigour Back Bob jumps the last on his way to an unlikely win in yesterday's Tara Hurdle
Here again, where the thinking gets relevant to design issues, it loses rigour and where rigour is apparent the findings are less applicable to design.
He said: "We are aiming for an intellectually rigorous qualification relating that rigour to application in the real world.
With its brightly painted timber cladding, corrugated metal roofs and windows set at jauntily skewed angles, the building exudes a robust, rustic informality, yet it still has great tectonic presence and rigour.