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Offshore rigs are utilized by oil and gas companies to explore for hydrocarbons and to simultaneously develop oil and gas fields.
Ensign will roll out 24 of these new ADR 1500S rigs over the next 18 months.
Comprehensive data of currently deployed offshore rigs, by rig type
In July 2005, the United States had 1,412 active rigs searching for, or developing, oil and natural gas, compared to just 1,229 rigs in July 2004.
In the Gulf Coast, offshore oil rigs have been converted to artificial reefs, and the program has been considered a success by fish and game officials in Florida and Texas.
But the production push at both rigs and refineries is exacting a human and environmental toll.
There were 10 active rotary rigs in Alaska as of November 2004, compared to 11 rigs just one year prior.
At the same time, the state tried to figure out a way to keep the rigs when their working lives were over.
com/research/51d0a6/offshore_rig_const) has announced the addition of the "Offshore Rig Construction Market to 2015 and Current Rig Deployment Scenario - Acquisition of Rivals a Prominent Strategic Option" report to their offering.
Deviated and horizontal drilling is likely to increase as a result of this, driving demand for higher specification rigs which are capable of such complex techniques.
The total number of active rigs throughout the United States in November 2003 was 1,113 rigs, compared to just 835 rigs in November 2002.
1 million, three-year study, could have an impact on the future of the rigs as they are dismantled in the coming decades.