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They are also riled at the suggestion that they "express regret" for having offered episcopal oversight to those opposed to homosexual bishops and samesex blessings.
The former secretary of state is followed by a verbose and still-vigorous Podhoretz, who comes to the podium to wonder out loud why everyone is so riled up and surprised about the casualties and the cost of the "battle" of Iraq, of which most of the committee's members have been inveterate supporters.
From its 1971 launch to its third, final shutdown in 2003, Dominique's Radio Haiti Inter was a rare independent voice whose investigations, commentary, and foreign news roused Haiti's people and riled its elites--until a hail of bullets overtook Dominique one quiet morning four years ago.
Then, "mighty riled," the gutsy lady orders the trickster to blow Tornado Pup back, "OR ELSE
The historical inaccuracy of the common Dracula legend also had critics riled.
Seems they slashed opera in favor of news/talk shows, and loyal listeners are riled up about it.
The thought of plant communication has riled biologists for nearly 20 years, Karban says.
Savion Glover had the audience as riled up as rock `n' roll fans at the Escondido performance of FootNotes.
Truckers, already riled by congestion backups and rising fuel prices, complain that the additional slowdowns cost them cargo runs and money--many are paid by the number of trips they make in the port.
But what really riled critics was the infamous porthole-studded arcaded exterior, described by Ada Louise Huxtable as a "die-cut Venetian Palazzo on lollipops.