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Batang Riles was awarded QR7,000 while first runner up Rems went home with QR2,000.
The special, entitled "A Vision for Oakland," will consist of a live thirty minute discussion among incumbent Mayor Jerry Brown and mayoral hopeful Wilson Riles, Jr.
That turns off people like former State School Superintendent Wilson Riles, who has heard all this before.
Re ``Swapping Chavez for Columbus riles some city workers'' (March 21):
Wilson Riles will join former CTA official and Black American Political Association of California member Alice Huffman in calling for the defeat of Proposition 10.
NFS/Share reads riles an average of 45% faster and writes files an average of 14% faster than with the previous version.
BOYS' BASKETBALL: Pat Riley always hinted he hoped to return to Southern California one day, but he's too happy being miserable in Miami with the NBA's Heat, so Riles is not currently under consideration.