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We established the business two seasons ago with five core values that must ring true in all that we do: 1.
The USCCB received protests after its website featured what some found to be an overly positive review, which noted that "while the actions [of the characters] cannot be endorsed, the universal themes of love and loss ring true.
If this statement doesn't ring true then compare Never Let Me Go's shocking revelations about the future of medicine and genetic engineering with the pastoral elegance of Remains of the Day or the vivid war-torn brutality of When We Were Orphans.
Ashley Giles THE England spinner's timing is definitely off in making the phrase ``whingeing pom'' ring true.
Philip Randolph, the gadfly who met his perfect cause through rabble rousing and rhetoric during the pilgrimage to Harlem that all our heroes were required to take, does not ring true.
Mir's practice projects an image of the artist as confidante, optimistic life of the party, and charming pedagogue, and most of the time these personae dovetail and ring true in the work.
In theory, this textual analysis of the term seems, for the most part, to ring true, but this reader yearned for more concrete evidence from the practical experiences o f early modern Augsburgers.
The cases ring true because they are neither overly dramatic nor clear-cut.
While many reasons have been put forth to explain the suddenly strict scrutiny, few ring true.
His suggestions for eliminating poverty through capitalism using wage supplements, asset building, and community capitalism don't ring true.