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If this statement doesn't ring true then compare Never Let Me Go's shocking revelations about the future of medicine and genetic engineering with the pastoral elegance of Remains of the Day or the vivid war-torn brutality of When We Were Orphans.
Ashley Giles THE England spinner's timing is definitely off in making the phrase ``whingeing pom'' ring true.
The cases ring true because they are neither overly dramatic nor clear-cut.
While many reasons have been put forth to explain the suddenly strict scrutiny, few ring true.
Secondly, while we appreciate the ingenuity of trying to fold the entire crisis into the ongoing "culture war" by blaming priestly transgressions on the permissiveness of the '60s, this does not ring true with our older staff members here at FSM, some of whom briefly indulged in "sex, drugs, and rock `n' roll" until they discovered the more profound and lasting pleasures of money.
But Nader's rants against the smugly self-contained Commission on Presidential Debates often ring true.
As the voice started to ring true, I thought, I'll embrace this.
There is also a regrettable tendency to first-name certain esteemed figures--Mahalia, Brother Ray, Miles, Donny [Hathaway], Ronnie [Spector], Dot [Dorothy Love Coates]--suggesting an intimacy that doesn't ring true.
Dancers Marthe Leonard and Olivia Thorvaldson take turns playing Emily and a variety of characters (including Woo, the monkey), aided by Penelope Stella's direction; for the most part, their highly physical characterizations ring true, with only the rhythm of their occasional dialogue slightly forced.
While their points of comparison ring true, the chapter seems unnecessary, given that a number of the essays in the volume quite convincingly demonstrate the shifting but unbroken line of misogynist speech about women and the consequences of that speech from antiquity to the present.
He dreamed of a better world Where freedom could ring true.