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While there is no majority for mass vaccination, in the short term the message is that we need a wider definition of ring vaccination.
Contacts between infected and susceptible persons can be eliminated during an outbreak through measures such as quarantine, closing public venues, and ring vaccination, or they can be eliminated preventatively through general vaccination strategies.
A combination of isolation, contract tracing, and ring vaccination is widely credited with halting the spread of smallpox worldwide by 1977.
Decisions such as when to expand a ring vaccination strategy to a wider community would not depend solely on epidemiologic or operational factors, but political or other factors were specifically not considered in the models.
We discuss scenarios in which ring vaccination of direct contacts of infected persons is sufficient to contain an epidemic.
marked to jabbing PA WIRE Cardiff insists the science supports vaccination over culling but Stephen James, NFU Cymru' s bTB spokesman, fa-vours ring vaccination around a cull area.
He directed the officers to launch mass vaccination in the epidemic-struck areas and ring vaccination in endemic areas with the help of breeders.