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There is strenuous cooperation between the MKO members and certain ringleaders of the dissolved Baath party who have just returned from Syria," Governor of al-Khalis city in Diyali province Odai al-Khadran told the al-Istiqamah newspaper on Saturday.
Three squad cars were rammed by the rampaging yobs in Knockmore Estate, Dublin, when officers moved in to nab the ringleaders.
We are experiencing a banner year and will look to Mark's experienced leadership to guide the next phase of our growth," said Bob Walczak, CEO of Ringleader Digital.
The caller also asked the SHO to release two suspects who had been taken into custody following a police encounter in which their ringleader was shot dead.
Police spokesman said here Tuesday that Raza Abad police on a tip-off conducted a raid at Sher Singh Bridge and arrested two dacoits - Nadeem alias Deema, ringleader, and his accomplice Riaz.
The other two members of the gang including ringleader Nadeem Iqbal and Irfan managed to escape from the scene.
Colonel Jafari said that the drug lord was one of the main ringleaders of drug trafficking who smuggled narcotics from the neighboring countries to Iran and other countries, and added, "He played the key role in the transit of more than 20 tons of drugs.
Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson urged the party to "settle down" while Commons Leader Ms Leadsom told plot ringleader Grant Shapps to "shut up".
CANBERRA, Australia: The alleged Sydney ringleader of a criminal network that sends Australians to fight in Syria has been arrested, police said Tuesday.
The source also provided authorities with recorded telephone conversations conducted between the ringleader and other individual cell members, saying that the cell sought to provide Israel with information on the activities of Egypt's military.
But the reports were denied by the circus' ringleader Petra Jackson.
According to trial information posted on the website, Mamut preached religious extremism to a circle of followers and founded a nine-member terrorist organization with himself as ringleader.