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Options: Preferential heating, cap orientation, ringless preform loading, hot fill, wide mouth.
Patsy Kensit looked happy and ringless when I spotted her in Selfridges this week having a browse for new outfits.
First, she was snapped in Paris, dangling her ringless finger at the snappers.
The 26-year-old was snapped on Wednesday in Paris apparently flaunting her ringless hand.
They then traded for Allen on draft night, acquired Garnett later in the summer, and rode the three ringless All-Stars to a 66-16 mark.
I was actually with Lauren (Conrad) last Valentine's Day and night," admitted the ringless Montag.
However, "Birthday," written in 1970 but unpublished until Ringless Fingers, shows a greater sense of vulnerability (the poem is quoted here in full):