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Our advanced Ringless Messaging technology will allow your marketing team to accomplish their goal in the least intrusive way.
The legality of ringless voicemail technology is still being debated in the halls of government.
LUSCIOUS Kate Middleton, the 29-yearold optimist who signalled hope to all spinsters with ringless fingers, has got her man.
Options: Preferential heating, cap orientation, ringless preform loading, hot fill, wide mouth.
Patsy Kensit looked happy and ringless when I spotted her in Selfridges this week having a browse for new outfits.
First, she was snapped in Paris, dangling her ringless finger at the snappers.
The 26-year-old was snapped on Wednesday in Paris apparently flaunting her ringless hand.
The farther south you are and the less obstructed your western horizon, the better your chances for a telescopic sighting of Saturn's ringless, 16"-wide disk during the long-awaited ring-plane crossing on the 4th.
They then traded for Allen on draft night, acquired Garnett later in the summer, and rode the three ringless All-Stars to a 66-16 mark.
He pressed her fingers before he released them; they were thin and ringless, the nails the same pearly color as her toes.
I was actually with Lauren (Conrad) last Valentine's Day and night," admitted the ringless Montag.