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And that's what happened at the energetic and riotous performance of the hit musical at the Sunderland Empire theatre.
One of the teenagers has been charged with riotous behaviour, arson and placing an object on a railway with intent to obstruct or overthrow an engine.
20AM Christopher Guest and Michael McKean score a perfect '11' in Rob Reiner's riotous hoax - the original 'rockumentary', if you will - detailing a comeback tour by full metal eejits.
Following unrest near the Springfield Road, a 28-year-old man was charged with riotous behaviour and attempted criminal damage and an 18-year-old with riot and assault on police.
Expect riotous farce in a play which is "awash with puns and slapstick".
Bands such as Van Halen, Motley Crue and Poison sported heavy makeup, flashy clothes and huge hair, and sang songs of sex, riotous parties, alcohol and drugs.
But when the band plays a song such as the riotous "Folk Music in the Nude,'' it's hard not to smile a bit.
At the beginning we see rabbit doing rabbity things on lots of white space (she is a fan of Eric Carle), and then the unrabbity things are shown in riotous colour all over the double-page spreads.
Starring Maureen Beattie, Neil Pearson, David Bark-Jones, Chris Larkin and Geoffrey Freshwater, among others, it's a riotous double bill - a play within a play.
Six novels chronicling Wilt's riotous life, in which he plots to murder his wife, struggles with international terrorism and finds himself suspected of drug trafficking, drew a huge audience.
At the premier of this new work, Monad - which brought together students and emerging artists to create a contemporary response to the original performance - the only outburst was the audience's riotous applause for the talent and athleticism shown by the young Scottish performers.
Reunited with Joey Belladonna - the high-pitched vocalist from their head-banging hey-day - the classic line-up including Scoot Ian, right, (minus diminutive guitarist Dan Spitz) are returning to Cardiff to relive the riotous memories of their 1987 Among The Living tour on which they first kicked the collective bottoms of the capital's long-haired music lovers.