Riparian Rights

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Riparian Rights

The rights, which belong to landowners through whose property a natural watercourse runs, to the benefit of such stream for all purposes to which it can be applied.

Riparian water, as distinguished from flood water, is the water that is below the highest line of normal flow of the river or stream.


Water Rights.

riparian rights

n. the right of the owner of the land forming the bank of a river or stream to use water from the waterway for use on the land, such as for drinking water or irrigation. State laws vary as to the extent of the rights, but controversy exists as to the extent of riparian rights for diversion of water to sell to others, for industrial purposes, to mine the land under the water for gravel or minerals, or for docks and marinas. Consistent in these questions is that a riparian owner may not act to deny riparian rights to the owner of downstream properties along the waterway, meaning the water may not be dammed and channelled away from its natural course.

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If that is the case, then an interesting situation exists, whereby the holder of the appropriative water right may want to sell it and irrigate directly from the main stem by means of a riparian right.
74) The petitioners in Dugan held riparian rights to continued water flow from the San Joaquin River for use along the landowner's property, which was downstream from the CVP's Friant Dam.
As discussed below, First Nations in Alberta assert their rights to water in Canadian law under either claims of Aboriginal title, Aboriginal rights, treaty rights or even riparian rights.
Specifically, Part II argues that the appurtenancy requirement within riparian law--restricting riparian rights to appurtenant owners and restricting usage to appurtenant land-bears distinct similarities to key features of common property regimes.
Thus, based on modern principles of international water law, both the historic riparian rights of Israel as the downstream user and the rights of the Palestinians as the upstream party on a shared international body of water must be considered on the basis of equity and legitimate needs.
Interests in land (such as a fee interest, life estate, remainder, easement, mineral rights, timber rights, grazing rights, riparian rights, air rights, zoning variances, and other similar land rights).
Riparian rights became defined in terms of economic progress; instrumental use took precedence over customary use or natural flow.
Corporate Office Properties Trust (COPT) (NYSE:OFC) announced today the acquisition of a 474,000 square foot office tower, a parking lot, a utility distribution center, four waterfront lots and riparian rights, all part of the Canton Crossing planned unit development in Baltimore, Maryland.