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Things will grow and ripen as if it were a comet year," said Will.
Bananas and plantains will ripen over our heads--avocados and custard apples, also.
A HALF-FAMISHED JACKDAW seated himself on a fig-tree, which had produced some fruit entirely out of season, and waited in the hope that the figs would ripen.
The wise old lady saw that Polly had reached that point where the girl suddenly blooms into a woman, asking something more substantial than pleasure to satisfy the new aspirations that are born; a time as precious and important to the after-life, as the hour when the apple blossoms fall, and the young fruit waits for the elements to ripen or destroy the harvest.
You have put the idea into her mind--leave it there to ripen.
Now,' said Ralph, leaning forward, and placing his hand on Squeers's arm, 'hear the design which I have conceived, and which I must--I say, must, if I can ripen it--have carried into execution.
Boswell took pains that acquaintance should soon ripen into intimacy, though it was not until nine years later that he could be much in Johnson's company.
We snatch at the slowest fruit in the whole garden of God, which many summers and many winters must ripen.
And the ploughing of the further land to go on without a break so as to let it ripen lying fallow.
We shall make our bed of dried leaves; the sun will shine on us as on man and will ripen our food.
It is the fate of all things to ripen, and then to decay.
However, as my arable land was but small, suited to my crop, I got it totally well fenced in about three weeks' time; and shooting some of the creatures in the daytime, I set my dog to guard it in the night, tying him up to a stake at the gate, where he would stand and bark all night long; so in a little time the enemies forsook the place, and the corn grew very strong and well, and began to ripen apace.