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If the clinician suspects that a patient may be prone to hyperstimulation with hormonally based cervical ripeners, mechanical cervical ripening techniques--laminaria and the synthetic versions of laminaria, Dllapan or Lamicel--should be considered.
To speed ripening, place the pears in a paper bag (fold the top over) or in a ripener for two to seven days.
Its flavour is good, it is disease resistant and high yielding' Mailing Jewel, another reliable variety that has a good flavour, earlier than Admiral and is virus resistant' Glen Cova, an early ripener with a heavy yield.
Exhibition highlights include a spaghetti eater in a bath, an Egyptian god drinking coffee and a trainee banana ripener.
How will you soften the bullet-like avocados supermarkets sell without the banana - the great ripener of other fruits - to put beside them?
After reports began to appear that Cytotec was being used by itself to induce abortion, to induce labor, or as a cervical ripener, Searle sent a letter out to doctors on August 23, 2000, warning that these were "off label" or unapproved uses of its medication.
The other familiar old variety, Tilton, is a late ripener.
ZURICH, Switzerland -- The well known cheese ripener (affineur) von ME-hlenen of Fribourg Switzerland, with its history dating back four generations to 1861, and their neighbours, the second largest dairy in Switzerland - Cremo, have agreed to a strategic partnership.