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BANANA FUDGE CAKE THIS easy cake recipe calls for the ripest banana you've got.
Now seems the ripest time yet to revisit the contingency fee option as rates and legal cost totals are more of a concern than ever.
private equity executives by BDO, manufacturing was the industry sector most frequently cited as being the ripest area for new investment in 2014.
But summer demands something brighter and fresher, dishes that feature the season's ripest produce but do so with minimal cooking time.
The fruits range in color from yellow to very dark purple, with the ripest berries sporting the darkest hues.
Consult the grocery store's ads, like Superior Grocer's circular, to check what produce is on sale, as this means it's at its ripest stage and will likely be the most nutritious - and flavorful.
In the mouth the fruit comes flooding in, with the blackest cherry fruit mingling with ripest plum and lots of meaty tannins.
According to Weber, the coffee in Icons is carefully selected from the Asian Civet cat, a special Viverridae specie, which only eats the fruit pulp of the best and ripest coffee berries.
Our kopi luwak is selected from the Asian civet cat, which only eats the fruit pulp of the ripest coffee berries.
Only the freshest and ripest fruit is used and this ensures exceptional quality and consistency in taste.
His gardeners and farmers would pick the ripest grapes, figs, pears and vegetables to give the imam to take back to the palace.
Guests should therefore only expect the freshest and ripest fruits during their visits alongside a range of mangoes and lemons.