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But instead of doing everything in their power to make the district a more attractive place for tourists, they allow the Paphos airport cabbies to carry on the tradition of ripping off tourists, as if it were their right.
Revelations that scammers are ripping off taxpayers to the tune of millions of dollars every year have become the rule rather than the exception.
no, no, it's more like an Olivia Tremor Control style, no, cut that, it's ripping off the Beatles out-fight, not bands that rip-off the Beatles.
Ripping off your community deserves punishment; ripping off the expectations of the families of terminally ill children is beyond the pale.
In an effort to help stop cowboy traders from ripping off the public, trading standards officials are encouraging consumers to e-mail with information.
If they don't, then the Office of Fair Trading should force them to give back the money they have been ripping off Scots for years.
Shore portrays Mickey Gamble, the mastermind behind a gang of robbers who specializes in ripping off other thieves once their burglaries have been completed.
WARWICKSHIRE MP Andy King has accused Virgin Trains of ripping off passengers following a new round of fare increases.