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Meanwhile, with an increasing number of females working in the coming years, their spending power will rise, adding to the consumption recovery.
Federal budget surpluses have bolstered national saving, providing additional resources for investment and, hence, contributing to the rise in the capital stock and our standards of living.
Citing one example of the "horrendous" uncertainties plaguing researchers in this field, Meier points out that when scientists add up all known contributions to the current sea-level rise, they cannot match the observed rate of about 1.
As the boomers age, the personal savings rate should rise in the 1990s.
Though sea levels on the average will rise due to global warming, other, unrelated processes will also affect these levels and may even offset the rise in certain areas.
Outlays for producers' durable equipment rose at an annual rate of about 14 percent in real terms in the first quarter, after a 7 1/2 percent rise over the course of 1995.
Support for the rise in expenditures came from declines in interest rates and moderate increases in real incomes.
Nevertheless, real median gross holdings for those with vehicles rose from $5, 100 to $6,900: This rise reflects the increase in the real cost of automobiles.
There was a brief pause in the dollar's rise after the Group of Seven finance ministers and central bank governors stated in April that a further rise in the dollar that undermined the adjustment process would be counterproductive.
This slow growth and the accompanying rise in velocity reflect the continuing effects of recent increases in market interest rates.