rise above

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Addressing a gathering at Banda Dost Mohammad Khan at Kohat district held in connection with peace agreement between two rival groups dispute over construction of a primary school, the advisor appealed people to rise above party politics by supporting the government's endeavours for completion of developmental projects especially in education and health sectors.
In response, AHA has launched the Rise Above Heart Failure initiative, with goals to reduce heart failure hospitalizations by 10% and to increase awareness and understanding of HF by 10% by 2020.
Here's how to rise above the hurt when your friends and fam do stuff that brings you down.
A large swathe of high pressure will build up from Wednesday when the mercury is likely to rise above 80degF.
Asked for his thoughts behind the words, Hamilton replied: "The meaning is that regardless of what diffi-culties you go through, you still rise above them.
SHREWSBURY - On March 2, Rise Above Foundation will host its third annual "Fostering Laughs: A Comedy Show to Benefit Children in Foster Care" to raise awareness and support for its mission to provide enriching activities, opportunities and experiences to youth in the Massachusetts foster care system.
Rise Above the Rest will see youngsters climbing in Llanberis, roughing it overnight in the mountains using RAF survival skills to cope and put on a long hilly route march.
and positions stress calm Sleiman responding to Aoun: To rise above selfishness and comply with manners of speech are required AL-AKHBAR: Municipalities rights before cabinet: Finance ministry confesses but DAILY STAR: Hariri admits it was a 'mistake' to blame Syria
EUR/USD though firm, was unable to rise above Friday's highs of 1.
The first tower floor is situated 165 feet above street level and the top ten floors, which culminate in the 370 foot high penthouse, will rise above all surrounding structures offering panoramic, unobstructed 360 degree views of the Hudson River, Central Park, Midtown, and the George Washington Bridge.
The triangular window frames of linen-patterned stainless steel incorporate tiny light wedges to illuminate the facade, and the geometry amplifies the chevrons on the urns atop the fluted columns that rise above the entrances.
Marc's goal becomes to rise above the past and build a new future secure from the hazards of poisoned ideals.