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In the first part of an interview about the two seventeenth-century texts -- al-SanhE1/2ry1/2's Risible Rhymes and al-Shirby1/2ny1/2's later Brains Confounded by the Ode of AbE1/2 ShyudE1/2f Expounded -- Davies talkedabout why he values Brains Confounded , how his reading of it has changed since the 1970s, the connections he makes between al-Shirby1/2ny1/2 and Ahmad Faris al-Shidyyuq, and more.
Et d'ajouter: [beaucoup moins que]Il est risible que les parties qui m'avaient attaque, axant leur campagne electorale sur ma personne et sur la promesse de retablir les relations avec Assad sont celles-la memes qui, une fois au pouvoir, ne l'ont pas fait, car il leur a ete enjoint de s'en abstenir[beaucoup plus grand que].
To quote Margaret Thatcher who, through Geoffrey Howe and Nigel Lawson started the slide of turning a great industrial nation into a banana republic, is risible in the extreme, but also predictable, as Mr Lapping's world view, as expressed repeatedly in these columns, relies largely on ignorance of facts, JOE HEDLEY, Heaton, Newcastle
SEARCH PARTY (15) No stars SEARCHING for a gag in this risible brom-com is like searching for a needle in a haystack only to discover, 90 minutes later, there is no needle.
The idea of a Premier League elite contesting this abbreviated summer season might be less risible were it to require them to forfeit their access to meaningless victories in the Conference altogether.
Indeed, Heigl's performance as a coolly murderous model housewife is the only real reason to even consider watching "Home Sweet Hell," an otherwise flailing and risible tale of adultery, extortion and suburban malaise that suggests a poor woman's "Cone Girl.
However, his pleas are nothing if not risible as he declares his support for private enterprise in which he claims 'an unshakeable faith.
Illustrations for the first book have a rather awkward and self conscious feel and seem to magnify simple and everyday occurrences into faintly risible moments that lack real empathy.
A risible publicity blurb invokes Xenakis and Prince but none of the nine works on this disc resemble either the Greek's rebarbative doodling or the yearning eroticism of Minneapolis's pop poseur.
CDATA[ aPalestinian Arab territory occupied by Israela is more than a risible lie of history.
It was risible the attacks, but I'm glad it came out.
The suggestion of a completely new group of individuals coming in and essentially doing what the current board is doing is risible and completely unnecessary.