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Smith Snr isn't much better and spends much of the film not acting but spouting risible platitudes about conquering fear that would make even L Ron Hubbard blush.
Brian May - Badgerloving Brian May this week had a pop at BBC talent show The Voice, but anyone who has heard his risible Badger, Badger, Badger song would reckon he's the last person to talk about music.
The Mexican murder mystery is almost as far-fetched as Bobby's risible shower scene.
His letter denigrates the memory of these two men and is so wide of the mark as to be risible.
It is risible stupidity of the highest order and at a time when council tax rises are affecting the pockets of most of us, I am sure I am not alone in feeling entitled to an explanation and apology from those responsible.
In our opinion, the history of the Aquatics Centre shows a risible approach to cost control and that the Games organisers seem to be willing to spend money like water.
Shutter is a bit too slow to process and is slightly risible at times, but there are enough atmospheric chills to keep us watching - and for Hollywood to plan a remake starring Joshua Jackson.
The Breed is a risible tale of plucky youngsters under siege on a remote island from a pack of feral, near-rabid hounds with a taste for human flesh.
If he really thinks that the Labour group's opposition to the proposals was motivated simply by a wish to hold Cardiff North in 2007, maybe he should try going out and talking to people in that area, which his party certainly did not do when they were putting their risible plans together.
And if that wasn't enough to make a weary opera-goer want to drown himself in the Nile, then surely Peggy Hickey's bizarre and risible choreography was.
The Foxes have also won just once in the Championship, which is a risible return for the former Barclays Premiership outfit.
If it wasn't so disgusting and dangerous, it would be risible.