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This tradition ranges from a work by the most respected British portrait painter of her reign (Lucian Freud, unveiled 2001), to the risibly populist (the cartoonist Rolf Harris, 2005).
The usually reliable Bettany's dependency on the arched eyebrow caricatures Silas so risibly I can only describe his performance as 'Roger Moore plays Frankenstein'.
The vigour (and ingenuity) with which these risibly permeable boundaries were policed was clear signs of the anxiety generated by any threat of the schizoid world which the apartheid regime inhabited.
They are now unrecognisable from the accident-prone rearguard which shipped five at home to Swansea and collapsed risibly in the second half against Chesterfield at Bescot early in the season.
And rather than letting his father off the hook, his confession deepened suspicion over Samuel's role; moreover, Samuel's public refusal of his son's account was read as the predictable tale of two exposed con-men failing, risibly, to get their stories straight.
CRITICS have roasted the latest offering from Guy Ritchie, calling it a "convoluted, risibly overwrought muddle".
Frankly, dear hearts, anyone who cycles in a casual fashion or runs - in what are risibly labelled 'trainers' - without destination or desperate purpose surely needs a sharp poke in the spokes.
Like Archie, Nino is the last one to realize that his intolerance is risibly out-of-date.
400 to the Conquest and a list of "artifacts and literature" from the sixth-century history of Gildas to the Brussels Cross--are risibly inappropriate, and three tables relating to collation, the scribes, and punctuation are not very useful to the scholarly reader.
John Gray, the head of Macmillan of Canada from 1946 to 1972, was speaking of a rime when the market for Canadian-authored books was risibly small.
Like Archie," she continued, "Nino is the last one to realize that his intolerance is risibly out of date.