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19, 23 rated entities globally showed the greatest potential to acquire rising star status, two greater than the number reported in our May publication.
ProFunds today announced that its Rising Rates Opportunity funds reached $303 million in invested assets - an increase of $285 million since Jan.
investors (57%) believe interest rates will rise in the next two years, nearly two-thirds (65%) are unaware that rising rates generally have a negative impact on the value of bond investments.
In the medium-term (ten to twenty years), the declining birth rate will lower the dependency ratio (thus lessening the burden on the workforce), and the rising female labor participation rate will offset some of the decline in the labor force.
While new construction contracts displayed little trend, favorable conditions for nonresidential construction were suggested by low vacancy rates, rising prices for commercial real estate, and a widespread availability of financing.
Global sea levels are rising and will continue to rise in the future, causing serious problems for low-lying areas.
So they began to hoard silver, storing it in vaults around the world with the vision of rising Phoenix-like from the impending destruction of the dollar.
The reports, the most comprehensive available for the Manhattan market, also found that prices for Downtown apartments (south of 42nd Street) soared in the first quarter as average condominium prices hit the million dollar mark for the first time, rising 27% to $1,076,723.
companies advanced early and stayed there, rising as high as 6,020.
After rising only fractionally in the fourth quarter of 1995, real gross domestic product posted a solid gain over the first half of 1996, providing a considerable lift to job growth.
Indeed, some findings indicate that global temperatures are already rising.