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5 : to increase in amount or number <Prices are rising.
Then job growth picked up, with the number of employed rising by almost one million in the first three quarters of 2005.
In the near term, business fixed investment appeared to be providing surprisingly strong impetus to income growth, and rising levels of wealth were stimulating robust consumer demand.
Climate models have suggested the polr regions will warm more than the rest of the globe, but the most pronounced warming should occur during the coldest season, when Antarctic temperatures are in no danger of rising above freezing.
According to the Fed, a falling dollar, a rising price of gold, and rising commodity prices would be its indicators of inflationary pressures, justifying higher interest rates to slow the economy.
In contrast, spending for commercial structures other than office buildings, which has been rising briskly since 1992, continued to advance through the first quarter--although further gains may be limited by an emerging excess of retail space in some parts of the country and the recent levering out of transactions prices.
While the average sea level is now rising by a fraction of a centimeter per year, scientists expect the rate to increase in the future.
Moreover, with employment rising, real income growth should be supportive of increased consumer expenditures in the coming year, despite the higher taxes confronting some households.
Riding the rising market, it eventually rented up for a square foot figure in the low-$40s.
While the proportion of families holding checking and savings accounts declined over the period, the families that held these accounts in 1989 maintained them at about the same real level as that in 1983, with the median value of checking accounts rising only from $600 to $900 (tables 4 and 5).