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The diagnosis of ELP is based on three important elements, (1) history of exposure to oil, with the risk for aspiration and/or inhalation, (2) characteristic radiologic findings, and (3) the presence of lipid-laden macrophages in sputum, BAL analysis, or histopathology specimens.
If the initial nurse screening for dysphagia determines the patient is at risk for aspiration, the patient is allowed nothing by mouth (NPO) until the SLP can complete a diagnostic evaluation.
Eligible patients exhibited one or more of the following indications for post-pyloric feeding in our institution: evidence of delayed gastric emptying with high gastric aspirates, history of pulmonary aspiration of tube feed or at high risk for aspiration, inability to remain in a semisitting position (e.
On the other hand, not checking the GRVs in asymptomatic patients may pose a risk for aspiration pneumonia.
DALLAS -- Selection of an antibiotic for the treatment of community-acquired pneumonia should be based on the severity of the illness, coverage of common pathogens, and presence of factors that increase the risk for aspiration and/or infection with antibiotic-resistant organisms, Dr.
Lammers emphasized that the top objective is that NHAs understand they cannot feed residents who require any special type of feeding technique or is at risk for aspiration.
Which residents of your nursing home are at risk for aspiration pneumonia?
As swallowing becomes more compromised, frequent choking episodes leave the patient at risk for aspiration pneumonia--the leading cause of death for those with HD.
An anesthesiologist failed to perform rapid sequence induction when the decedent was at high risk for aspiration due to pre-existing gastric reflux and excessive weight.
For patients with swallowing defects, who are at risk for aspiration of fluids, toothbrushes with suctioning devices are available; Plak-Vac (Trademark Corporation) and Vac U Brush (ora genics) are two examples.
LATUDA is not indicated for the treatment of dementia-related psychosis, and should not be used in patients at risk for aspiration pneumonia.

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