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Another important risk parameter of metabolic complications is dyslipidemia and included among strong risk marker for NAFLD and associated complications.
The research interest in risk markers in general, and biochemical risk markers in particular, has exploded in the last 2 decades.
Finally, the percentage of women in each group with one, two, three, or four or more of the risk markers was examined.
12) Of course, to the extent that an enrollee has been with an issuer for a short period of time, his risk score will be measured imprecisely, but can still be constructed to be unbiased, even if risk markers are defined hierarchically.
30) Evidence supports the association of PAI-1 with the development of type 2 diabetes independent of body fat and insulin resistance, suggesting that it maybe an early risk marker.
Thus, one of the possible explanations for this finding could be consideration of FXII as a risk marker, which is a consequence of thrombosis.
Therefore with each new risk marker there is the potential that we can increase the predictive power of our risk estimates.
9) Other investigators have demonstrated in small observational studies that MPV is higher in patients with myocardial infarction than in those with stable angina pectoris and in healthy controls, suggesting that MPV is a risk marker for the severity of coronary artery disease.
Physical activity may also decrease testosterone levels (a risk marker for prostate cancer) and intestinal transit time, shortening the amount of time the colon is exposed to carcinogens.
To monitor the risk at a point, a risk marker (colored box) is placed which changes color from green (low risk) to yellow to red (high risk).
70), and when researchers adjusted for the risk marker, it did not change the association between DDE and Alzheimer's.

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