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He asserts, and he likes to use the example of Ted Turner's initial foray into television, that successful risk takers are actually risk adverse and that in reality they are "predators" who doggedly, obsessively engage in a "relentlessly rational pursuit of the sure thing.
Risk Taker takes a big step up in grade today against three useful rivals but he can make the necessary progress to register a popular victory.
Your score will tell you more about your risk-taking attitudes when you compare your responses with those of a risk taker.
Owned by Khalid Abdullah, Risk Taker was odds-on and had just two opponents when winning at Newmarket.
By defining the logic, the risk taker allows the distributor to more efficiently distribute the product, the customer sees reduced costs, and the reinsurer is provided a more predictable model.
It helps to be a risk taker and able to look at things in a new light, if you are going to enter the online arena, Henn said.
I'm a risk taker, not afraid of failure; and hopefully, when I have my next hot flash it won't drain my pocketbook as much as that last one did.
She's a smart lady, who is forward-thinking and has always been a risk taker.
Nip/Tuck," which premiered on FX last year as the network's "newest and boldest risk taker to date" (TV Guide), quickly established a solid and loyal audience of patients while further building FX's brand in the television landscape as a leading source of groundbreaking, original programming.
But often, coverholders and risk takers don't have the opportunity to be in the same location to build those relationships, creating challenges to finding new business.
Chief Insp Jed White, of CMPG, said: "Our approach is intelligence-led, targeting people and vehicles we believe to be drinkdrive risk takers.
to the dreamers, the risk takers, and to the misfits.