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These two studies further find that the influence of RBC regulatory pressure on the risk-taking behavior of the two bank groups appears asymmetric.
The BART is a computerized laboratory measure of risk-taking behavior in which individuals have concurrent opportunities for positive and negative monetary outcomes and in which the acquisition of reward outcomes simultaneously increases risk for negative outcomes.
In the case of car races, for example, risk is measured by observing its consequences (accidents) so that the benefits of risk-taking cannot be separated from its incidence.
As well as exploring how parents can be enabled to challenge and address any fears they have over the degree of risk taking which is acceptable, it may therefore also be pertinent for professionals to explore their views on children engaging in risk-taking behaviour.
A different conclusion regarding entrepreneurs' propensity for risk taking was reached by Brockhaus (1980), who compared the risk-taking of entrepreneurs who started new businesses to recently promoted managers and with normative data.
Former city trader Geraint Anderson, who lifted the lid on some of the worst excesses of the City under the pen name "City Boy" saw that risk-taking first-hand.
Sharon Robson, alcohol lead for NHS Hartlepool said: "We have been working with a fantastic group of young people who with their creative vision have helped us develop the risk-taking behaviour DVD.
At follow-up, however, the intervention group's mean sexual risk-taking intention score (7.
However, it has been argued in the literature that future research on entrepreneurial orientation may benefit from considering innovativeness, proactiveness, and risk-taking as unique sub-dimensions of the entrepreneurial orientation construct (Kreiser, Marino, and Weaver, 2002; Lumpkin and Dess, 1996).
highlights the nature of risk-taking and leadership in a high tech enterprise.
Barclays, under boss John Varley, unveiled pounds 3billion half-year gains as its risk-taking investment arm doubled profits.
It also slammed bonus schemes for encouraging risk-taking at the expense of shareholder interests and the long-term health of the banks themselves.