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"Interestingly, the results of this change in risk-taking behaviour depend on how strong the test subjects aversion to inequality is," Mller adds.
The official said that regulators were no longer setting absolute capital levels, which has in turn led to less risk-taking by banks.
Personality and risk-taking: common biosocial factors.
There was an association between shorter sleep duration and increased odds of risk-taking behaviors in a dose-dependent manner.
'Inflation risk is also still muted in 2018, and combined with the steady growth of the economy, these make for the perfect ingredients for risk-taking this year,' the BPI official also said.
That men are assumed to be inherently more competitive and risk-taking than women follows from an old theory of sexual selection in evolutionary psychology.
It is important to notice how steeply the price increases with the improvement in the risk-taking and optimistic behavior of buyers and sellers respectively.
In Study 1, we examined whether people who experience benign envy would be more likely to engage in risk-taking behavior than would those who experience malicious envy.
Theoretical perspectives on young children's risk-taking can be viewed as reflecting the nature-nurture dichotomy.
Emotional risk-taking in marital relationships: A phenomenological approach.
That's what other research would have suggested, but any association between narcissism and risk-taking that we found was very small and essentially meaningless."
Freedom to Fail: How do I Foster Risk-Taking and Innovation in My Classroom?