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This passage is a mimesis of the swaggering reportage of the "Time man" of Marshall McLuhan's famous Partisan Review essay, "The Psychopathology of Time and Life," and painterly, too, in the way it riskily celebrates diversity (long before that became trite) and seemingly resonating in prose what the abstract expressionists were doing with their Black & White shows of that same year:
More riskily, he intimates that such resistance is actually the "essence" of blackness itself, and that this blackness--or, perhaps, this particular performance of blackness--is something that must not only be seen but heard if it is to be understood.
They may also make them drive less courteously and more riskily as they fantasise about taking their revenge on the offending motorists.
With Smicer riskily tucked alongside Danny Murphy, the whole of the Liverpool left was so wide open that Bernard Mendy must have thought he was playing park football again.
Cutting inside the box, his cross-cum-shot sped just a yard wide of Seaman's far post when the England keeper riskily let it fly across the front of him.
Musically, this was quite possibly the most exciting and daring of all the Folknapok, with Romany, Greek, Celtic, Chilean, Southern Slavonic, Hungarian-in-Slovakia, Bretagne, "World", "Blues" and "Folk-Metal" following and interchanging with each other over the two days, interspersed with various interpretations of Hungarian nepzene ranging from the wholly traditional to the riskily interpretative, the inevitable tanchaz or six, and professional storytelling.
Saba goes on to compare Lina to a "lanky dog" a "timid rabbit" a swallow and a "farseeing ant;' as well as, more riskily, to a "pregnant heifer.
Author Joyce Carol Oates called the book "one of the most riskily imagined and successfully realized novels I've read in years.
Also, Carsen had the Murderer reporting his handiwork to Macbeth double as the Doctor, who clearly went off to dispatch Lady M after her riskily forthright Sleepwalking Scene disclosures.
Bedford full-back Pritchard had fired the Canucks into a third-minute lead after France riskily tried to play their way out from deep in the heavy rain.
Such works flirt riskily and perhaps laudably with assimilation into a culture addicted to simultaneous thrills and deep safety, but at the expense of a biting, overt criticality.
It turns out that on the continuum of possible risk management tools resulting in the same strictly positive ruin probability, it is optimal to invest 100 percent of the capital riskily and to insert the necessary amount of equity (see Figure 2b and c), instead of, e.