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Expressed the other way around: for lower values of g, the insurer invests more riskily but also enhances its equity capital base.
But James also introduces the idea of spontaneous, incidental performance--what might be called an introduction to "how to make a scene"--which marks a revelation for the observing "small boy," an episode of clear significance in this figurative extension of the genre in which an incident of family life can be riskily transformed into unpredictable, open-ended drama.
This joker of the card games reminds us of the necessary folly within each of us, when we riskily engage in any game.
which drew on her love for Mary Berry" (223), in which Damer riskily portrays herself as man chasing a woman, Belmour's role in her acknowledgement of her feelings for Berry is linked with her tendency toward withdrawal from the social spotlight late in her life: "Torn between professions, Anne came to prefer the novel to the statue, her love for Berry to showy displays of aristocratic power.
Tanenhaus says, "The generation that gave us Occupy Wall Street has embraced its own modes of entrepreneurship, found across the spectrum of 'creatives,' from stylists to techies, who reject the presumed security of the corporate job and riskily pursue their own ventures.
Leander's impatient interruption, "Aye me," as "upon the waves he springs" (675-90), terminates this riskily burlesque self-parody, in which the writer appears to struggle to escape the lethal embrace of court culture, and his own creative subjection.
That entails working prophetically but riskily, he said.
God intends us to live life riskily and to the full.
This is crucial for a non-naturalistic story that so riskily goes way beyond any expected range of events and emotions.
Defender Maynor Figueroa riskily exchanged passes with his goalkeeper and as the ball came back to Robles he could only clear it straight against the in-rushing Bale and the ball bounced into the net.