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I am no mortal, if the risky devils haven't swam down upon the very pitch, and, as bad luck would have it, they have hit the head of the island.
I was about to say, "You haven't changed a bit since then"--but that was risky.
To anyone but Tarzan of the Apes it might have seemed rather a risky plan, and perhaps it did even to him; but Tarzan rather liked things that contained a considerable element of danger.
And when he put the wheel hard over and the Ghost's bow swung off, there was nothing for the hunters to do but obey and make the best of a risky chance.
No young lady in Miss Verinder's position could manage such a risky matter as that by herself.
Remember, Ishmael, 'twill be a risky job, and one of small profit
To this end, we fixed the evaluation horizon at 1 year and plotted in Figure 1 the annual returns of the index S&P 500, the evolution of the myopic cushion generated by a series of past gains or losses, and the resulting yearly wealth percentages invested in the risky portfolio.
FTLife's risky assets to adjusted equity increased to 36% at end-June 2017 from 5% at end-2015.
It may be obvious that accident-related events are linked to risky behaviour and, in fact, "there are studies that link them together, but they have not been studied at the cognition or thought level," explained author David Herrero from the University of the Basque Country.
Global Banking News-August 24, 2017--South African central bank official says cryptocurrencies are too risky
Actors Sidharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez, who are paired together in a film for the first time, on Monday revealed that their upcoming movie, Reload , has been renamed A Gentleman - Sunder, Susheel, Risky.
In particular she objected to a section entitled "What is risky sex?