risky undertaking

See: venture
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As such, investing in VCs presents a highly speculative and risky undertaking which might result into huge financial losses," it said.
As such, investing in virtual currencies presents a highly speculative and risky undertaking that might result into huge financial losses,' the BSP said.
Investing in that potential is an inherently risky undertaking.
And leaving GATT and the World Trade Organization would be a risky undertaking even for a daring business leader like Donald Trump.
At a time when conventional silicon-based solar panels from China have never been cheaper, investing in a new type of solar technology is a risky undertaking.
An exhibition of Goya's portraits is a risky undertaking, since every loan feels like a necessity; but there are many ways of watering down Rubens in the name of exploring his legacy.
By extension, financing small- time agricultural production can be a far less risky undertaking.
He's also providing weapons, a risky undertaking given the disenchantment with the government among the disenfranchised Sunnis, who make up about 30 percent of Iraq's population of 31.
Unfortunately, for many students in urban and economically depressed environments, the daily commute to and from school represents a risky undertaking riddled with potential violence and crime.
Such a step would have been a bold and risky undertaking by Hezbollah and would almost certainly have led to clashes in the remote mountains.
This is a very controversial and risky undertaking precisely because emotional reactions tend to block out the objective reasons which need to be exposed and acknowledged.
Specifically, for movies in the $100 million range, entering a competition is a risky undertaking since the film could embarrassingly lose, but also because the producer would have to relinquish control of its marketing.