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Let us make our deaths worth while, and at the back of this unknown warrior turn this day's Tribute to Issus into an orgy of revenge that will echo through the ages and cause black skins to blanch at each repetition of the rites of Issus.
The manual rites then ceased and all present reverted to the more spiritual part of the ceremonies.
Then she went, and to the kings who deal justice, Triptolemus and Diocles, the horse-driver, and to doughty Eumolpus and Celeus, leader of the people, she showed the conduct of her rites and taught them all her mysteries, to Triptolemus and Polyxeinus and Diocles also, -- awful mysteries which no one may in any way transgress or pry into or utter, for deep awe of the gods checks the voice.
was not simply a new rite but an entirely new understanding of Baptism.
Clean Rite is also seeking sites for 30 more locations here between now and the end of 2006.
Furthermore, in section 6, the Roman Pontiff encourages all members of the Eastern rite to "preserve their legitimate liturgical rite and their established way of life," and to protect and advance their ancestral traditions.
In what must certainly be the result of a sweet deal signed with PepsiCo, Rite Aid has canceled contracts for all Coca-Cola products.
Toward all these ends, an attempt will be made to evaluate the first principal goal of LBW itself--"To restore to Holy Baptism the liturgical rank and dignity implied by Lutheran theology, and to draw out the baptismal motifs in such acts as the confession of sin and the burial of the dead," (2)--by examining five hallmarks of the LBW rite, which I enumerated in a previous article in Currents: (3) paschal essence, pneumatic nature, corporate understanding, eucharistic context, and ritual character.