right of passage

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Coach House (left) and Rite Of Passage are much fancied
Rite Of Passage is a 14-1 chance with Blue Square and Boylesports for the Melbourne Cup - a race Weld has won twice before.
For OBT and the Portland audience, the complete Swan Lake represents a rite of passage from a fundamentally pop culture repertoire only three years ago to a far more classical aesthetic since Stowell took over.
Like so many closeted gay teenagers who faced this high school rite of passage, David Boyer asked a girl to his senior prom.
At Connecticut's Weston High School, in a small town where cars rule and pedestrians are in danger, the most important rite of passage is getting a driver's license.
The lifemask is a rite of passage for all recipients of the award.
Hospitals have also gradually become the places where most of the population are born and many die, yet it took a great deal of protest -- mainly from women in the 1970s and '80s -- to turn the maternity hospital from an emergency ward into a place fit to celebrate a rite of passage, a normal birth being no sickness but a joy.
I wanted my natural birth to hold on to the mystery and power of that singular rite of passage.
There should be more focus on meeting national goals and on making short-term service, both civilian and military, a rite of passage for young Americans.
A recent report from the Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, the prohibitionist propaganda mill headed by former Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare Joseph Califano, is titled "Non-Medical Marijuana: Rite of Passage or Russian Roulette?
The separation from family during military service was long a more significant rite of passage for upper-class youth than for working-class counterparts, Loriga argues, because the latter often left home for work at an early age.