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A thought-provoking read presented by a gifted writer/poet; The Rite of Passage is a philosophical, sagacious work having countless messages rooted in it.
Coach House (left) and Rite Of Passage are much fancied
The rite of passage that encompasses pregnancy runs parallel to the rite of passage of the developing child.
Rite Of Passage is a 14-1 chance with Blue Square and Boylesports for the Melbourne Cup - a race Weld has won twice before.
This difference in generational interpretations demonstrates, in part, that First Communion succeeded as a rite of passage more from the children's, than from the adults', point of view," she writes.
For OBT and the Portland audience, the complete Swan Lake represents a rite of passage from a fundamentally pop culture repertoire only three years ago to a far more classical aesthetic since Stowell took over.
It's a rite of passage for many expectant parents: showing off fuzzy images from the first ultrasound exam.
The young person would then receive a beautiful certificate, with elegant calligraphy and a shiny gold embossed stamp (suitable for framing) and the family would go out for a big dinner in a fancy restaurant to celebrate this important rite of passage.
What could be a lighthearted romp through a 16th birthday turns out to be a rite of passage, not only for Josie, but for many of her friends as well as they reflect on their lives as of February 29th, and their futures.
In this issue, midwife Jan Verhaeghe tells us about the glory of the birth experience and how it can and should be a valuable rite of passage for women.
Like so many closeted gay teenagers who faced this high school rite of passage, David Boyer asked a girl to his senior prom.