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Ritualists, on the other hand, scale back the cultural goals while still recognizing the legitimacy of the institutionalized means.
One of the most helpful aspects of this work is that the ritualist impulse is put in a larger context; this book is one of the first to take into account parallel developments in other traditions (Reformed and Lutheran) and locales beyond Britain, such as Europe and North America.
Reed disputes the claim that the distinctive style of worship attracted the poor: using 1886 statistics on attendance at the Ritualist slum churches, he argues convincingly that these churches were not any more (though not markedly less) successful at attracting the poor than were more middle-of-the-road Anglican churches.
From the perspective of the throne regarding the ritualist controversies, defections of Anglican leaders to Catholicism, and anti-establishment efforts of Nonconformists, the betrayal comes from within.
Orby Shipley, a devoted ritualist who later converted to Roman Catholicism.
On Keble's death, in the year of Hopkins' conversion, High Church publications moved quickly to identify him as "by nature a ritualist," (16) in brazen defiance of his own self-confessed ignorance and his moderate practices at Hursley.
53) Brooks's Evangelical colleagues in Philadelphia would never have conceded that "the same awakening of spiritual life was manifest" in Ritualist parishes.
BD 144/145 is likely originally to have been a text used by a living ritualist doing service in the temple for Osiris, and also for a deceased person different from the actual speaker, as evidenced by the postscript of BD 144.
4) would be difficult to realize in the case of the chapters by Findly and Patton, who instead offer thought-provoking analyses of how women's roles and functions are represented in the texts, and of the underlying logic that shapes the framework within which alms-giving or miscarriage are managed, focussing as much or more on the behaviors of the male mendicant or ritualist than on those of the female figure.
Fortunately, this largely ritualist agenda, focused on the mostly defunct value-complex of religious purity and pollution, does not actually provide the overall architecture of the book itself.
Filial Guo (Guo Xiaozi), the character Shang Wei dubs an "ascetic" ritualist, is really no different from the plethora of others who did not understand what withdrawing from the world's riches and honors was all about.
For another, one unfortunate consequence of Kohn's study with the lamas is that his language echoes the somewhat distanced disdain of the expert ritualist.