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2000) examined a problematic ritualistic behavior, which may be somewhat common among certain individuals with developmental disabilities (e.
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is characterized by intrusive, troubling thoughts (obsessions), and repetitive, ritualistic behaviors.
Yesterday, Detective Chief Inspector Sally Holmes said police had not ruled out looking at the possibility that the skull was linked to ritualistic killings.
That is literally the case in this fascinating primer on religious terrorism and ritualistic crime committed by fanatical groups such as Satan worshippers.
ON THIS DAY LAST YEAR Teenage ``vampire killer'' Matthew Hardman (inset) reiterated his claim of innocence as he prepared to launch an appeal against his conviction for the ritualistic slaying of 90-year-old Mabel Leyshon (main picture) from Llanfairpwll
The conversation covers the vexed question of whether the fraternity itself is too religious; though most Masons agree that it is not, as Dumenil explains, many have tried, using its Bible-based ceremonical lore, to fashion it into an alternative source of ritualistic dogma and spirituality, to the dismay of deists and other free-thinkers, who have contended that [u]nlike the churches, it [Masonry] was not concerned with theology; in particular, it offered no plan of salvation.
And this ritualistic quality, evident in every story, makes me realize the source of her creative strength.
On page 62 of the "Report," favorable reference is made to "largely unattainable goals," and the space program is "viewed as the nearest modern equivalent yet devised to the pyramid-building, and similar ritualistic enterprises, of ancient societies.
Early on, she asks: "Why are twenty-first-century women still so eager to participate in such seemingly outdated, ritualistic groups and activities?
In the process, these writers "took stock of what they tend to call the 'circumstances' of their faith," specifically, the "historical, imaginative, ritualistic, social, epistemological, and natural conditions in which English Protestantism tends to lapse, struggle, and thrive" (1).
17] Just as two deities embodied the creative internal and external forces of the universe, tribal groups in both the American Southeast and Southwest were often governed by two traditional leaders: While each leader was "both spiritual and ritualistic," one presided over the group's internal affairs and the other over external affairs.
Samantha "Sam" Ryan is not convinced that Sebastian Bird is responsible for two ritualistic murders, even though circumstantial evidence indicates his guilt.