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Catherine's College, Oxford, as well as a regular reviewer for TLS), with whom most aspiring young British academics seem to feel they must ritualistically engage.
Although Indian English poets have often been more widely known than regional-language poets, for many decades the former were almost ritualistically compared to their disadvantage with the latter - often by employing the assumption that only one's mother tongue, having originally structured the events and feelings of hearth, altar, kitchen, bedroom, market, and street, can adequately embody them in poetry.
Barnes's female figure is ritualistically oriented toward the side of the picture where the dark background is cut away below by white vertical marks resembling sprouts, and above by a crescent shape.
One of the most unassuming works in the show is a simple photograph of the artist wearing her mother's military cap--which bears the same five-pointed Communist star Abramovic had ritualistically carved into her belly some twenty years before.
This voyeurism extends to watching dull, banal people for hours on end in a room or surviving in a jungle ritualistically humiliated for fame and money that can only be tenuous with such lack of talent.
A woman is ritualistically murdered in her multi-million dollar beach house, not far from Charleston, and the badly-mutilated body of a young boy washes up in a nearby swamp.
A country pub was ritualistically 'trashed' by 14 dapperlooking gents professing to be from a clandestine Oxford University drinking club.
This woman ritualistically took one geometrically patterned necktie after another from behind her back and draped it over her head as Robert Goulet sang "Memories.
In place of traditional sales incentives Wise ritualistically gifted dealers with mink coats, diamonds, cars, and even 57 pairs of shoes with handbags to match.
In Lieberman, Gore chose someone known for personal rectitude, for practicing his religion openly and ritualistically and for defending the right of others (including evangelicals) to do the same thing.
The most obvious of these is Californian radio show host Dave Emory who, like Fletcher, chews a trademark toothpick and ritualistically clips articles from the New York Times.
And as the camera observes Sandra ritualistically stripping, then dancing around a dead body in the funeral parlor where she works as an embalmer, we never see exactly what takes place.