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The foundations of reflective discourse are posited in creative ritual act, through what one might call the process of ritualization par excellence.
Attempts to impose consensual meaning on ritual by either religious institutions or anthropologists are, the authors claim, reactions to ritualization, "not part of it" (p.
Chapter nine, "The Ritualization of Death," centers on the contradiction between the funerary ritualism that became increasingly important in Zen from the fourteenth century on and Chan/Zen subitism and traditional attitudes toward death (p.
Despite many valid points, at times his questioning of the politically dominant perspective seems somewhat at odds with his own construction of an authorial voice by means of the embracing categories of ritual and ritualization. While a charmingly candid tone ("Conceptually, I have almost painted myself into a corner" [92]) clearly intends to undermine traditional authorial conventions, G.'s insistence on ritual as a type of metacategory, no matter how stretched, pulled, emptied, and filled again, evokes the same response from this reader that G.
Terence McKiernan, president of the watchdog group BishopAccountability.org, said the ritualization of abuse was a fundamental part of how children were sexually exploited.
(23) Antony, however, reads the ritualization as self-serving hypocrisy.
non-context related practices, into integrated ones, aligned with a specific regime, through ritualization and instrumentalization processes.
This chapter also illustrates how rituals come into existence via the ritualization of interactional practices associated with (im)politeness.
4 (October 1975): 443-45; Adam McKeown discusses Powderly and Sargent in his study "Ritualization of Regulation: The Enforcement of Chinese Exclusion in the United States and China," American Historical Review 108, no.
Through the 'ritualization and stylization of violence' (p.
It was an undignified conclusion to a remarkably demeaning day The symbolism of a woman stretching out her hand in a desire for Communion, only to be degraded, dictated to, and sent away empty seemed like an apt ritualization of our experience.
Chapter 3 surveys the local political landscape and complex sociopolitical dynamics, from the role of the alcalde (mayor) and the influence of party politics to conflicted relations of confianza and ideological rhetorics of "progress." Dietrich revealingly explores the interrelationship of political and corporate ritualization in the production of public opinion and reproduction of power relations.