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An important component of treatment is to help patients realize that they might continue to have some intrusive thoughts and urges to ritualize.
In many cultures, women are the keepers of the myths, a role reemphasized today as women ritualize together.
Consisting of a reconstructed American flag with "two white arrows and a tomahawk" in place of the union stars, the flag evoked many of the risks of hunting, battle, and war that the "pale faces" of Carson City would soon ritualize when they became Red Men a few years later.
Clark's work figures the sacred boundary (we used to call it "taboo") represented by anthropophagy (it seems, in fact, that man is the only species to ritualize autophagy, and it would be difficult to understand all the determinations of human sexuality without reference to this boundary, as well as to the "prohibition" of incest - which as we know only exists through its transgression).
Do something useless every day--or every other day--in a way that ritualizes your life in this century, in this economy.