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Confronting the prospect of a pointless resumption of the UN-mandated war with Iraq, and an open-ended "war on terrorism," Americans must understand that these conflicts are fundamentally no different from the "Flower Wars" of Aztec antiquity: Ritualized bloodshed through which an embedded ruling elite retains its hold on power.
According to Reyfman, the duel came late to Russia, lacking as it did Western Europe's traditions of chivalry and ritualized single person combat.
The court also seemed reluctant to believe some events involving ritualized acts of abuse, murder and sexual abuse she experienced as a girl.
The plays gradually took on a six-part structure: a prologos, in which the basic fantasy is explained and developed; the parodos, entry of the chorus; the contest, or agon, a ritualized debate between two parties--either an actor and the chorus or two actors, each supported by half of the chorus; the parabasis, or "coming forward," in which the chorus addresses the audience on the topics of the day and hurls scurrilous criticism at prominent citizens; a series of farcical scenes; and a final banquet or wedding.
Because gangs in such communities have become so deeply entrenched in the social fabric, recruiting becomes less a process of selection than a ritualized custom.(14)
"Over all, grieving is less ritualized today than it used to be, both during funeral services and in the general population.
To aid the coming of wellness, people might attempt to conciliate various gods by proper incantations or rituals, make use of various forms of ritualized behavior, or use parts of plants or animals thought to have curative value.
Jackson's most famous tale, The Lottery, deals with ritualized murder in a small American town.
Their topics include theaters and pathologies of silence: symbolism and Irish drama from Maeterlinck to Beckett, ritualized silence and secret selves: the seal of the confessional in 19th-century Ireland, silence as testimony in Samuel Beckett and Derek Mahon, between silence and re-narration: translating signs of Belfast's urban space, and the voices of the dead and the silence of the living in Brian Friel's drama.
Then he explains why these explanations fall short, and sets out a model of his own that may provide at least a start to a new and viable explanation of the religious ritualized disposal of corpses.
Culling photos from high-school yearbooks, the artist confronts himself with dozens of pop-cultural subject positions (goth, hick, choirboy, thug), which he embeds in as many or more ritualized social forms (pantomime, religious- and secular-holiday celebrations, Halloween, a workplace motivational event) and then animates in a sequence of musical numbers ranging from genre-specific simulation to farcical complicity, from conceptual montage to delirious incantation.
While upper-class dueling had become rare by the 1840s, highly ritualized forms of working-class fighting continued throughout the century.