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Over two million pilgrims ritually stoned the devil on Saturday.
Nicki Maguire added: "They should definitely clearly label meat that is halal as some religions aren't allowed to eat ritually slaughtered meat, so it would be respectful to all to label it, also for people who aren't religious.
They also put two thin plaques similar to cartonnage (a plastered material) on her skin above her sternum and abdomen, something that may have been intended to ritually heal the damage the embalmers had done and act as a replacement, of sorts, for her removed heart.
The cat mummies in this exhibition date to the Ptolemic period, and show how felines were embalmed ritually in a lengthy process using salt and various resins.
The harsh realities of living on the arid plains begin to take their toll, and she is intimidated by an indigenous tradition in which young women are ritually whipped.
Call me cynical but I look forward to the part where she has to face up to the tradition which sees women ritually whipped.
She is particularly intimidated by a tradition in which young women are ritually whipped.
Every Monday, my friendcabal ritually attends a "secret" sake spot in the East Village.
These vary from henges to stone structures to buildings that may have been ritually burned.
On a quest to return to his homeland to ritually reunite with his centuries dead family, "Lightland" entertains as well make readers ponder the morality of cloning.
The ritually violent piece also contains allusions to Joan of Arc and Romeo and Juliet.
Concerning the fight against poverty, the European Council should ritually reiterate that "active inclusion policies should involve integration into the work market, adequate income support and accessible and efficient quality social services".