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The Bloodguard also ritually reenact events that have acquired mythical importance for them, consonant with Eliade's model: for example, in preparation for a new mission, Korik and fourteen comrades reconnect to their beginnings by repeating the pre-Vow ritual combat.
Introducing their bodies into industrial environments, the artists suggest that the empty, hard-edged site is an analogue of (straight) male sensibilities--emotion and friendship expressed ritually rather than spontaneously.
With their organizational structure tied to the liturgical texts themselves, the ritually based chapters tend to read a bit disjointedly, somewhat like lecture notes on the rites, but notes that are theologically and historically substantial, accurate, and informative.
Ayoubi, in her 30s, was ritually washed, wrapped in a white shroud and then carried to the place of execution on a stretcher where she was buried up to her armpits.
Hard news without clear commerce tie-ins is treated like digital Brussels sprouts, a barely tolerable nutrient that's ritually shoved to the edge of the plate.
She posits that men ritually dancing as women may not just be exploring their feminine sides, but may have replaced the ritual priestly practices that had to be continued when the priestesses who honored the earth were banished to the dark side.
I have an interest in theologically thinking through what it means -- epistemologically, institutionally and ritually -- to be African American and religious.
Once carved, they are lavished with love by the parents or surviving twin, fed, ritually washed in a bath of herbs, and never abandoned.
The relatives, especially the women, feel that she has been "polluted" and is ritually unclean.
The same can be said of the enlightening discussion of "Blanco Alfani," where Martines perceives "the lineaments of a conformist society" in the story, and observes that nonconformists "submitted themselves to the dangers of being ritually cut away from the civic community" (137).
If all are good Muslims and eat only "halal" meat the meat of animals that have been ritually slaughtered - it means that halal meat could account for at least 10 % to 15%, of the French national market.
Alas, this ability has been confused and adulterated by adults, who have rarely consulted the child and have instead ritually imposed their own adult confusions upon the child.