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Azher Mahmood Advocate secured 239 votes defeating his nearest rival Rashed Iqbal Advocate who bagged 179 votes.
2010) identified proximity of teams, balanced competition, and history of direct competition between teams as some antecedents of rivalry and found that the presence of a rival impacts participant performance.
Chicago-based Rival Systems empowers professional traders with technology and resources to compete in today's markets.
The Rival brand was introduced in 2013 with a single stage polyurethane enamel as a cost-effective finish for dealers, independent shops, fleets and municipalities.
lion of attack He launches at rival as mate watches
Additionally, unit relations in balance theory (Heider, 1958) asserts that people interact with others in dyadic and triadic relationships, helping to explain how sport fans of rival teams derive perceptions and feelings about out-group members (Havard et al.
If I saw myself a rival to Tiger, I wouldn't be doing him justice.
An accusation of financial misrepresentation in one firm may have negative implications for shareholders of rival firms.
According to Rival, a final emissions test of the locomotives equipped with CWI is scheduled for this month.
When rivals get close enough to see each other, they often stop singing.
Tilia, the owner of patents covering the FoodSaver line of home vacuum sealers, commenced patent-infringement proceedings against Rival last year when Rival introduced new versions of its Seal-A-Meal home vacuum sealers.
For example, one OEM may enjoy a cost advantage in purchased parts over a rival.