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Lahore and Karachi - two cities in Pakistan which have a history of rivalries in many spheres but it is a cricket contest which beats everything.
Within this extensive and rather complementary ground of argumentation, the goal of our paper is to explore how the intensity of the Greco-Turkish rivalry (in the 19th and 20th centuries) was affected by variation in the intensity of rivalries between major powers that have political and military connections to Greece and Turkey.
Edited by James Lacey of the Marine Corps War College, this collection's sixteen essays explore prolonged strategic rivalries, beginning with Athens, Sparta, and the Peloponnesian War, and ending with the Cold War rivalry between the Soviet Union and the United States.
College sports has the Ateneo-La Salle and San Beda-Letran rivalries. For a time, University of Santo Tomas and the University of the East had its own intense sports duels but this rivalry seems to have diminished of late.
As tensions in the South China Sea continue to rise, Kees van Dijk's Pacific Strife, a meticulous history of the great power rivalries in Asia and the Western Pacific in the age of high Imperialism (1870-1914), serves as an apt reminder that international antagonism for alleged strategic, commercial, and prestigious interests are not new to the region.
As in all great rivalries, these tennis stars share an intense desire to defeat a particular competitor.
But I think it's good that there are rivalries everywhere.
We use a recent survey of college (American) football fans to study rivalry, where we find the most intense rivalries occur between in-state teams.
Political Scientist Christopher Darnton, an assistant professor at Catholic University of America in Washington, DC, posits two important questions at the beginning of this study: "Why do international rivalries persist despite incentives to cooperate, and how can states resolve these conflicts?" (p.
Webber knows all about rivalries with teammates from his time -- playing second fiddle to Vettel at Red Bull from 2007 to 2013 -- but said such spats could be drawn upon for inspiration and were good for racing.
Darnton analyzes a series of rivalries in Cold War Latin America and derives broader lessons for alliance politics and conflict resolution.