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College sports has the Ateneo-La Salle and San Beda-Letran rivalries.
Check out the interesting backstories of these well-known rivalries.
In this sense, football rivalries are similar to rivalries between siblings, firms, or nations.
allies, but not others, to transcend their rivalries with one another" (p.
It was established that people's behavior in competition situations depended on their relationship and history of interaction with their opponent, which suggested that they might be able to boost their own levels of motivation and performance by either forming rivalries or harnessing the ones they already have.
Thompson, indicates that the understanding of conflict demands an engagement with the strategic rivalries that provoke it.
Illustrated with historic black-and-white and color photography throughout, Horse Racing's Greatest Rivalries is an amazing chronicle highlighting memorable match races, Triple Crown campaigns, and season-long competitions.
Even the biannual Second City meetings between Aston Villa and Birmingham City - once considered to be amongst the most white-hot occasions on the football fixture list - are way down the list in sixth place according to the Football Rivalries Report 2008.
The Football Rivalries Report 2008, produced by The New Football Pools, combines an in-depth survey of all 92 league clubs in England and Wales and a statistical analysis of club records and histories, to uncover the reasons fans harbour bitterness and jealousy towards each other.
The English-speaking West has created rivalries between contender states, the author argues: new rivalries are fostered each time the West expands.
Rivalries and league standings weren't the only motivation for Lister and his teammates.
1:10-13) Such rivalries have continued throughout the life of the Church in different ways.