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Kilduff did offer some caution in approaching rivalries, noting other research that suggested that people might act more unethically or engage in more risky behaviors if it means outperforming a rival and it was also suggested that rivalries may have other unexplored benefits such as promoting greater commitment and loyalty within groups.
In this brief essay, I wish simply to identify the nature of current rivalries and to alert the reader to what I consider a destructive temptation to categorize Catholics into "types.
where inter-city rivalries are fraught with the most epic of political tensions (in Milan, there are two sides--the socialist team which holds poetry readings and never quite lives up to its potential, and the Berlusconi-owned right-wing side, which always wins), but the referees all favor the biggest clubs and the nation is left with a furious cynicism.
I've been around nastier rivalries, but it (the Civil War game) is competitive.
Likewise at the theoretical level, while promising a corrective to New Historicist methodology, the book ultimately operates in conventional New Historicist mode by focusing not on "literary relations" themselves, but on how those relations evoke political and professional rivalries.
These references have succeeded in fleshing out the story of Egyptian-Jordanian rivalries adequately.
If the French Revolution is often remembered in images of wine and blood-soaked gutters a la Mme de Farge or the guillotine, tumbril, and green room of the Committee of Public Safety, such is not the picture portrayed in Margadant's Urban Rivalries in the French Revolution.
The result: occasional parent-child friction ad sibling rivalries even in the most tranquil families.
Original Sports Programming Celebrates Drama, Passion and Community Pride Around Some of the Oldest, Biggest High School Gridiron Rivalries
This year's competition features 255 of the biggest and longest-standing high school football rivalries in each state and Washington, D.
Lancaster and Lunenburg also share a border with Leominster and could have developed rivalries.
Woods noted that Nicklaus had rivalries during his career with the likes of Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, Tom Watson, Lee Trevino, Tom Weiskopf and Johnny Miller, but noted that true rivalries are sustained by long-term excellence.