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Indeed, a principal criticism of intellectual property rights is that they unnecessarily create what might be described as rivalrous rights in non-rivalrous goods.
Thus, we believe that in addition to being interesting in its own right, examining what drives rivalrous feelings in college football can provide insight into rivalry more generally.
Such goods may be non-rivalrous or rivalrous depending on subtleties in how they are defined and whether the local population can affect the amenity through congestion.
He covers rental housing systems in England and the Netherlands, market structure and the competitiveness of mixed rental markets, landlord conduct and perceptions of rivalry and rivalrous behavior, market performance and the possible effects of competition in mixed rental markets, and tenants' willingness to substitute social and private rental services.
It appears that inter-ocular rivalry is essential for IES and latent nystagmus, and it is plausible that rivalrous binocular motion could be the culprit, rather than a failure of position correspondence.
Downstairs, the Earl's luckless valet, John Bates (Brendan Coyle), is so moved by his deep sense of honor (and shame about his hard-living past) that he repeatedly takes the fall for others' misdeeds--from rivalrous servants to his estranged wife--while pretty housemaid Anna (Joanne Froggatt) waits patiently in the wings.
While any rivalrous behavior between prominent tech companies that undermines or alters the users' experience risks alienating the very users the companies are hoping to appease, strengthening the borders of its ecosystem could ultimately benefit Twitter as the service's popularity continues to soar.
that it is rivalrous (once I own this Hirst, you may not own the same
Its thesis was neither what we have been compelled to endure under the oversold rubric of multiculturalism, with its rivalrous victims, nor the fashionable groupthink of so-called ethnicity, a term much trampled on by competitive zealots.
Litigation in all legal systems is rivalrous, producing substantial external benefits.
Marie is the story of a brief and not so rivalrous love triangle between the narrator, Marie, and Jean-Christophe, though it continues a longer saga between the narrator and Marie that Toussaint has developed earlier in Making Love (French 2002; English 2004) and Running Away.
It is partly rivalrous since the presence of other users may affect one's enjoyment of the pool.