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His argument is more ambiguous with respect to the man-made, rivalrous resources that have historically made up the Internet's physical substrate--wires, cables, servers, routers, and other tangible components.
The Court mistakenly assumed that rivalrous competition could be evaluated as reasonable or unreasonable according to standards of business efficiency.
She derives great pleasure from her intercourse with the Musgrove sisters, even though they play rivalrous games with each other and with her.
The importance of competitive behavior to strategic management lies in the relationship between rivalrous firm moves and competitive advantage.
A central issue of the book was whether these nets would develop as natural monopolies, to be regulated by the government like public utilities, or as rivalrous firms, regulated by market forces.
What matters, rather, is that both Cato's and Antony's suicides betray the strain of rivalrous, homosocial emulation that defined the deeply contradictory structures of virtus (that is, "Thou strik'st not me, 'tis Caesar thou defeat'st," 4.14.68).
Freud had previously suggested that children progress through several stages of what he called psychosexual development, including a period in which boys have to resolve an Oedipal complex marked by sexual desire for the mother and rivalrous hatred of the father.
(7.) It may be objected that some intangible works are rivalrous, for example the Mona Lisa or Michaelangelo's David.
But between initial discovery and the long run, natural excludability implies extraordinary financial and scientific returns to scientists adept in discovery and ensures that discoveries are normal rivalrous goods.
But we cannot infer from people's rivalrous behavior that they are engaged in competition that will drive the generosity of welfare in any particular direction.
Prose might also have held back Hughes's equally rivalrous mythopoeic activity.
On the other hand, parents also must understand that rivalrous behaviors within the family unit serve an important socialization function by giving siblings the opportunity to develop social skills and experience human relationship patterns that will also be encountered outside the home (Castiglia, 1989).