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This intense spirit of rivalry obtained in their studies and their games.
Their rivalry soon became a noted thing throughout the university.
I remembered his threat, and felt sure that all the long years of rivalry were about to culminate in uncanny battle.
Pickwick's) researches, and smarting under the censure which had been heaped upon his own feeble attempts at rivalry, now took this vile and calumnious mode of
Rowena,'' said De Bracy, ``art thou, too, deceived by the common error of thy sex, who think there can be no rivalry but that respecting their own charms?
The Road Warriors pulled off the 96-89 victory, but for some, the duel looked like a continuation of the two young stars' rivalry.
CARBONDALE The Southern Illinois mens and womens basketball teams will compete with three in-state schools for a trophy and bragging rights in a new rivalry series called the Battle for Illinois.
This rivalry was every bit as intense as any mentioned in the May/June issue, albeit for a shorter period of time.
In This Is Your Brain on Sports: The Science of Underdogs, the Value of Rivalry, and What We Can Learn from the T-Shirt Cannon, L.
M2 EQUITYBITES-March 28, 2016-You42 Acquires Daily Fantasy Sports App Rivalry Games
Thus, examining rivalrous feeling in this setting provides insights into rivalry more generally besides being of interest in its own right as college football is a multi-billion dollar industry.