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Riven has suffered with epilepsy since she was born but had not suffered a fit for over a year when she was admitted to Nevill Hall hospital in Abergavenny.
Riki and Riven Hall on the country road in Powys, where the taxi driver refused to go further
When the ego's works are riven, shaken, turned upside down, we tend to lose "faith" in them, and this, from a biblical standpoint, is all to the good, for we are not designed to root ourselves in something as vacillating and tiny as the ego.
So, pack your bags and set off for the lush landscapes of Riven, but prepare to be rather confused in your quest to save the lovely Catherine.
Riven, 41, who has MS, and Holly's dad Mark, 44, say he solemnly told them: "I would never do anything that would hurt disabled children.