rivet the attention

See: engage, occupy
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Among his feats are songs such as Gol Gappay Wala and Akeley Na Jana from the film Armaan, which rivet the attention of people till this day.
But he doesn't quite get enough help from the author Tudor Gates to rivet the attention.
Internet graphics can really peak the interest of your audience and rivet the attention of any age group.
The sheer scale of Asia's tsunami catastrophe should have ensured it would rivet the attention of those of us used to viewing the suffering of the developing world with complacency.
The outcome of his trial will have lasting ramifications on the future of the Middle East, and will no doubt rivet the attention of the world.
But there really was little to rivet the attention to The Blue Room, the so-called sensational play that was at the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton, recently.
By developing such scatological themes, the satirist is able "to rivet the attention, to shock, and to move [her] audience" (Clark 118).