rivet the attention

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Among his feats are songs such as Gol Gappay Wala and Akeley Na Jana from the film Armaan, which rivet the attention of people till this day.
But he doesn't quite get enough help from the author Tudor Gates to rivet the attention.
A boy suffering from too much poundage and a young woman chafing from too little love rivet the attention of one-man-band filmmaker Nate Meyer in his impressive, ultra-low-budget debut, "Pretty in the Face.
Internet graphics can really peak the interest of your audience and rivet the attention of any age group.
The sheer scale of Asia's tsunami catastrophe should have ensured it would rivet the attention of those of us used to viewing the suffering of the developing world with complacency.
But there really was little to rivet the attention to The Blue Room, the so-called sensational play that was at the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton, recently.
By developing such scatological themes, the satirist is able "to rivet the attention, to shock, and to move [her] audience" (Clark 118).
Within the industry, the goal of efficient product introduction must be to rivet the attention of the industry on how to sell products to consumers, not how to buy products from suppliers.
The horrific murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman remain a rare enough occurrence for it to rivet the attention of many millions around the world and to stir revulsion in their hearts.
Darin has just enough -- but not too much -- charisma to rivet the attention, plus the energy and quicksilver ability to improvise and turn on a dime when required.
As a result, his interpretations rivet the attention from moment to moment without giving us particularly coherent glimpses of the humanity that marks all Shakespeare's characters, good or evil.